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TrustedWill makes creating your own estate documents easy and best of all, it's free to get a basic will and other essential estate documents such as an advanced health directive and a durable power of attorney.

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Estate Plan with a Will

For many, a basic estate plan is all you need. A will, advanced health directive, and a durable power of attorney can be created in as little as 30 minutes.

Unlike other companies, creating these estate documents at TrustedWill is truly free - it is not a trial and no credit card is required. You can create, print, and use your free estate documents from Trustedwill with zero strings attached.

TrustedWill does offer many additional services including Digital Signatures, Posthumous Videos and Messages, Document Storage, Automatic Death Notification, and Attorney Review of your Estate Documents at a cost, however, these services are optional and can be added to your account at any time.

Estate Plan with a Revokable Trust and Pour Over Will

Estate Attorneys often recommend Revocable Trusts and Pour Over Wills for two reasons: First, since assets are held in a Trust, Probate is largely avoided and assets held in the trust can be accessed immediately upon death. Secondly, Trusts allow a wider discretion on how and when assets are distributed.

Estate Plans with a Revokable Trust and Pour Over Will start as low as $274. You can choose your plan after you complete your estate documents and can upgrade or downgrade your plan level at any time. Click here to view our Trust Estate Plans