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Your resource for all your estate planning needs. TrustedWill provides a sophisticated document storage solution with automatic distribution of documents upon your death. Posthumous messages and videos can provide your loved ones with the information and documents they need in order to ensure your legacy. If you already have your estate documents prepared, TrustedWill's services can help you store your documents securely and make sure that your final wishes are carried out in the manner you desire. If you need to create your estate documents, you can use TrustedWill's estate plan creation tool to create your estate plan for free.

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Securing your Legacy

Life begins simple and gets more complex as you get older. Estate plans become more complex as you get married, have children, grandchildren, business partners, ex-spouses, and more. Probate lawyers have experienced nearly everything you can imagine, one of the most common issues with estates is that the documents cannot be found at all. Sometimes a "new" Will is found. Maybe the custodian of the documents do not like the contents of the documents and they simply disappear. Estates and division of property and assets can be very contentious. TrustedWill has a step-by-step solution that will help you secure your legacy and ensure that your desires are carried out.

Easy and Free Estate Documents!

* Create your Estate Plan

  • Free Last Will and Testament
  • Free Durable Power of Attorney
  • Free Advanced Health Directive
  • Zero Strings Attached

Securing your Legacy

* You already have your Estate Plan

  • Secure Encrypted Document Storage
  • Automatic Distribution of Documents upon Death
  • Posthumous Messages and Instructions
  • Digital Certification and Timestamping

Advanced Estate Services

* Ensuring your Legacy

  • Document Encryption and Storage
  • Video Testimony & Certification
  • Posthumous Videos and Messages
  • And Much More...