Legal Assistance with your Estate Plan

Preparing your Estate Documents can range from being relatively simple and straightforward to an extremely complex trust where you have very specific intentions on how your assets will be divided and made available to beneficiaries.

Getting Assistance Writing your Estate Plan

TrustedWill DOES NOT provide legal advice. We provide a self-service platform that makes it easier to write your own estate documents. Any legal information that you may find on TrustedWill's website are simply suggestions based on information that is readily available on the internet. Our forms and tools have been reviewed by attorneys licensed in each state, however, we highly recommend that you have an attorney review your estate plan. One of the big benefits of using the TrustedWill Estate Plan Builder is that the cost to have an attorney review an estate plan is far less expensive than asking an estate attorney to create your Estate Plan from scratch.

There is no obligation to hire an attorney to review your documents. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what is best for you.

TrustedWill has built a network of experienced estate attorneys in all 50 states. The attorneys in our network offer discounted rates for TrustedWill customers so you can have an experienced estate attorney, who is licensed in your state, review your estate plan at a very reasonable cost.

If your estate is more complex, or you need more help than a simple review and want help drafting your estate plan, our network of attorneys is a great place to start looking for an experienced estate attorney licensed in your state. Even if your estate is rather complex, many of the attorneys in our network prefer for you to create a rough draft of your estate plan using TrustedWill's Estate Plan Builder because it will allow you to get many of your thoughts on paper which will result in saving you time and money.